The studio


    ✘ Conversion: Prism Sound Orpheus, RME UFX II
    ✘ Monitoring: Genelec 8351 with 7370 Sub
    ✘ Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, Slate VSX, Sennheiser HD 25-C
    ✘ Outboard: Pultec EQP-1A, SSL Style Bus Comp, AMS NEVE 1073 DPX, Roland Space Echo + mixing gear by dbx, tc electronic, warm audio, heritage audio, FMR Audio, Focusrite, vermona…


    ✘ DAW: Pro Tools Ultimate (main daw), Mixbus, Ableton Live, Reaper
    ✘ Plug ins by Plugin Alliance, Slate Digital, Fabfilter, Klanghelm, Soundtoys, Waves and (a lot) more
    ✘ Additional software: Izotope RX, Melodyne

The engineer

I started playing guitar and bass in different bands of various genres (Reggae, HipHop, Rock, EDM, Dub) at an early age and recorded my own projects. Through this and my love for using the mixing desk as an instrument/dubmusic I encountered mixing, and eventually started mastering.

After several years of working as a musician and audio engineer in a local recording studio in the Black Forest I studied Music Design at the conservatory in Trossingen, Germany. Since my graduation I mainly mix and master records of music that inspires me and play drums and bass in several bands.

Additionally I work as a sounddesigner for radio plays and movies, recorded soundscapes and did research in adding sounddesign and music to reading (real time / interactive) on digital devices for Isle Audio.