Add that final professional finish to your music to make it stand out and be competitive to commercial releases:

Stereo Mastering | Stem Mastering | DDP creation for CD manufacturing | Premastering for vinyl

What you will get:

Professional master with the use of analog and digital gear, that translates the best possible way to different sound systems and listening environments


I can make your music sound like a record,

glued together, bigger and up-front – while retaining and emphasizing every bit of emotion of the original recording.

I offer mixing services of all kind. If it’s just a vocal track that needs some polishing or if it’s a bigger project with a lot of tracks to be mixed together.

What my clients say


While I run a dedicated mixing and mastering studio, I also offer recording sessions at any given location that provides suitable acoustical circumstances.

Recording sessions with single instruments or vocals can be carried out at my studio.

Premastering for vinyl

If your music will be released on vinyl, I recommend doing a mastering specifically for that, as not everything that works for digital releases or on CD will pleasantly translate to vinyl. Since the actual master for this format is the lacquer that is made directly at the vinyl record pressing plant, we are speaking of a PREmastering here, which is quite important, as it is the last opportunity to shape the sound before it goes off to the production plant. This is often a kind of black box as we don’t know which filtering or EQing is applied to, for example, avoid harshness or overly pronounced bass. Also, we can make a more dynamic master that suits the special sonic character of the vinyl in the best possible way.